Условия на играта “2 години Строителен Хипермаркет “АВС”

1.  Subject

1. Subject These terms of participation (the "Terms") determine how the game is conducted. The conditions are available for all people on the website of ABC-Engineering-N Ltd. - www.abc-enginering.eu and on site at the "ABC" Construction Hypermarket - Yambol, 35 Indje Voyvoda Str., and thus being accessible to all potential participants.

The organizer of the game is ABC-Engineering-N Ltd, entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC: 128031110, with headquarters and address of management: Yambol, 35 Indje Voyvoda Str.

By performing any of the actions for participation in the game, described below, each participant confirms that he has read the conditions, understood them and accepts them unconditionally.

  1. Territorial scope

The game is held on the territory of the town of Yambol, 35 Indje Voyvoda Str. - ABC Construction Hypermarket.

  1. Duration of the game

The period during which the game takes place is from June 1st, 2019 to 18:00 h. on August 24th , 2019. Participation coupons can be issued only in the period specified in the previous sentence, in a box sutable for the purpose, placed in the Construction Hypermarket " ABC ”, which will be available during the store's opening hours. ABC-Engineering-N Ltd. has the right to unilaterally terminate the game ahead of schedule at any time without notice.


  1. Requirements for participation in the game

Every individual over the age of 18, with a permanent address in the Republic of Bulgaria, has the right to participate in the game. Employees of ABC-Engineering-N Ltd. and members of their families (parents, spouses and children), are not allowed to take part in the game. ABC reserves the right to exclude without warning participants in the game, who have provided incomplete or incorrect data or otherwise violate the Terms of Participation.

  1. Conditions for participating in the game

To participate in the game it is necessary for the participant to fill in a voucher, which is received at "Information" or at the cash desk in the "ABC" Construction Hypermarket and placed in the designated box placed on "Information" in the store. The participation coupon is provided and released against the purchase of a product of ROCA or FAYANS worth BGN 50. The participation voucher contains the following information: three names, telephone number, location and a receipt number. Each participant must fill in these fields. The provision of additional information (other than that specified in the previous sentence) at the request of the participant is voluntary and is not a mandatory condition for participation.

       Each participant has the right to participate in the game with more than one voucher!

By filling in the voucher, the participants give their consent for their personal data to be processed by ABC-Engineering-N Ltd. for the purposes of the game, and in case they are declared winners, the company to publish their data (names, location), photo and video material from the award ceremony) in a way chosen by ABC.

In case of incomplete and incorrect data of a participant in the game, the participation will be considered invalid. Entries with vouchers other than those printed by the Organizer or on his assignment and in any other way, than provided in these rules, are invalid. Participation is not possible before the start or after the expiration of the period specified in Section 3, regardless of whether the game vouchers are in the participant or not.

The company is not responsible, in case a participant has provided invalid, incomplete or inaccurate contact details.

In case the attempts to connect with a winning participant are unsuccessful within 1 / one / working week after the respective draw, he / she loses the right to receive his / her prize and another winner will be drawn.

  1. Prizes and conditions for their distribution

Participation in the game gives the opportunity to win a LENOVO YOGA TABLET.

  • The prize - 1 TABLET LENOVO YOGA will be drawn at random on 24.08.2018. - 18:00 h.

The winning participant will be notified by calling the phone number indicated in the voucher for winning a prize and specifying the place and method of receiving it. The names of the winner will be announced on the company's website www.abc-enginering.eu and on the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/abcen . The winning participant should provide the necessary assistance to receive the prize by appearing to receive it at the agreed place and time, provide the necessary data and certify in writing that he has received the prize.

Upon the receipt of the prize, the winning participant should identify themselves to an employee of the Organizer with an identity document certifying the identity and data of the person.

In case the winner cannot receive his prize in person, it can be taken by an authorized person by presenting an explicit power of attorney with notarized signatures, and this circumstance is entered in the acceptance protocol to certify that the prize is received.

Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

The organizer is obliged with each prize worth over BGN 30 to provide the winning participants with an official note certifying the value of the prize. Winners will be able to use the official note to file their annual tax return in connection with the requirements of the Personal Income Tax Act. In order to receive their prize, the winning participants provide the Organizer with the personal data required for tax purposes in accordance with the Personal Income Tax Act.

  1. Personal data

The game is held in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act / PDPA /.

7. Personal data
The game is held in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act / PDPA / With the filling in and submission of the coupon, on the grounds of art. 4, para. 1, item 2 of LPPD, the participants give their explicit consent for their personal data to be processed by the Organizer as a personal data adminstrator for the purposes specified in these rules, as well as for the purposes of direct marketing, in case for the latter explicit consent has been expressed in the participation coupon. These data may be disclosed by the company to third parties and other administrators of personal data for the purposes of the game on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria in compliance with the provisions of applicable law. Personal data may also be provided to government organs, including organs of the judiciary, when this is necessary to protect the legal rights and interests of the Organizer or when they have the right of access to them by law. The persons to whom the relevant personal data relate have the right to access and correct their personal data.

  1. Others

8. Other
The obligations of the Organizer of the game are limited to the awarding of the prize to the winning participant..

The legal relations related to the Conditions for participation in the game are regulated only by the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. In the event that individual texts become invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other texts of the Terms.

More questions about the conditions of participation can be obtained by inquiring at the following address: abc_en@mail.bg . Complaints and signals regarding the game are submitted to the same address. Anonymous complaints and alerts are not considered by the Organizer.

The organizer determines the Terms of the game unilaterally and has the right to change and supplement them at any time.