Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels - Roof and wall panels - insulation panels - thermal panels

The Bulgarian market has high quality sandwich panels, thanks to ABC Engineering! Sandwich panels are made of polyurethane foam and mineral wadding, ridge elements, metal and facade tiling, roofing and facade steel sheets. We are the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of Sandwich panels Corus и Ruukki.

ABC Engineering - N Ltd. will help you choose quality Sandwich panels , both for the installation of all types of thermal panels (stone wadding, polyurethane) and for the choice of the edging equipment. The products are characterized by their high technical parameters, which are strictly monitored by the manufacturers. We will provide you with quick and easy construction of your roofs and facades for industrial buildings, halls, warehouses, workshops and administrative buildings.

We are able to provide construction companies with a wide range of Sandwich panels and all types of engineering solutions for the quick and easy construction of industrial and administrative buildings.

Panel characteristics
Wall panel profile:
Wall panel profile for concealed installation:
Wall panel assembly: стенен сандвич панел
Wall panel assembly for concealed installation:
Roof sandwich panel:
Roof sandwich panel assembly: