PVC membranes

" ABC Engineering-N " Ltd. performs delivery and installation of rolled PVC waterproofing membranes SIKA.

PVC waterproofing membranes from ABC Engineering-N Ltd.! They are wind resistant and have a protection against aging processes.
PVC waterproofing membranes are based on CO-extruction. PVC membranes can be combined with geotextiles and so they are tightly glued, which allows them to insulate on chemical materials that are not compatible. Synthetic PVC Waterproofing membranes. These so-called membranes can be used in waterproofing tanks, swimming pools, roofs and underground structures.

ABC Engineering has a vast experience and professionals who can lay PVC Waterproofing Membranes. The company is equipped with the necessary mechanization and tools that are needed for the laying of the waterproofing material. ABC Engineering guarantees the best quality of our clients!