ABC Construction Hypermarket

On more than 6000 square meters of retail space, Construction Hypermarket "ABC" delights its customers with a friendly atmosphere, functional layout and organization. The extensive parking lot with over 100 parking spaces facilitates the access of the clients. At very attractive prices, they can choose from a wide range of over 40 thousand products from leading global and Bulgarian manufacturers in various categories. On the first floor are the sectors for Repair and Furnishing of the house. Customers with children are happy to take advantage of the children's playground with a coffee shop, located on the second floor, where there are also Household articles, Detergents, Souvenirs, Paintings, Toys and Furniture. In the hypermarket the goods can be bought on monthly installments.
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It is easy to find "ABC" Construction Hypermarket on the map and get to it on foot or by car.

Address: Yambol, 35 Inzhe Voyvoda Street
Information: 046 665480

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 19:00
Saturday: 08:00 - 16:00
Sunday: 08:00 - 14:00

Buy paints at reasonable prices - >> Color variety and colorful palette of quality paints and plasters. We try to offer paints / latex, facade paint, paint for wet rooms /, plasters, glues, varnishes, drying jointing compounds , thinners, primers, putties 
Bathrooms and floor coverings
We offer everything you need for the modern design of the BATHROOM. Faience, terracotta, granite, travertine. Visit us on site to choose your bathroom furniture and accessories, mirrors, sinks / sanitary ware, alpaca, polymer marble, granite,
In this sector we offer different types of fasteners with multifaceted or more specialized application. Screws, nails, bolts and nuts, dowels, anchors, pop rivets, washers from leading manufacturers and importers. That's a small part of everything
Dry construction mixtures
You will find adhesives and plasters, waterproofing / cement-based, one-component and two-component /, rolled waterproofing bitumen based - organic and water-soluble, bitumen tiles. Variety of dry construction systems
Electrical materials and appliances
What is a HOME without light? Combining beauty and high quality, we offer lighting fixtures and consumables, cables and installation materials, automatic fuses and switchboards, electrical accessories, switches and sockets, plugs and coupling,
Hand power tools
We try to offer the full range of power tools needed for both home repairs and professional work. Our product range includes cordless and electric / cable / tools. In addition to the electrical, in the sector
Heating, ventilation and sewerage
Wide selection of items at affordable prices, including pipes and fittings / PVC, HDPE, PP, galvanized, PexALPex, copper /, air ducts, soft connections, siphons, taps; fire hydrants, hoses and boards; Ventilation doors and grilles. Filters and purification systems for
Yard and Garden
We offer thematically selected goods for the garden, including garden equipment / mowers, cutters, sprayers, trimmers, milling tools, etc./, furniture and decoration, barbecues, seasonal goods / pools and boats /, pots, boxes and cachepots, soils, seeds, fertilizers and garden items. 
Online offers Doors and Consumables for them. Quality, style and strength are the leading characteristics of the doors we offer. Here you will find a wide range of modern models in a variety of colors. Interior and entrance doors,
Household articles - 2nd floor
The second floor of the ABC Hypermarket is a reserved territory for our female clients. Here you will find a variety of household goods, divided into sectors Household articles, Detergents, Souvenirs and Gifts, Luxury
Coffee shop with children's playground
For the comfort of its customers, on the second floor of the Construction Hypermarket "ABC" is located a coffee shop with a children's playground. In a pleasant atmosphere you can have a cup of aromatic coffee with friends while your children have fun. The patissery is a favorite